Technical Bulletins

ARDEX is committed to being the leading provider of technical support in the field. We believe our responsibility does not end with the manufacture of innovative, specialist solutions. Hence our technical advisers work with contractors and the ARDEX R&D team to provide solutions for specific applications.

Below is a sample of the bulletins available. Contact us for the detailed bulletin or help with anything out of the ordinary, if we don’t already have the answer we will certainly investigate. Call: 0800 2 ARDEX


Tiling Systems

Installation of Large Format Ceramic & Heavy Stone Tiles [TB001]   download

Installation of Cultured Stone [TB002a]

Installation of El Dorado Stone [TB002b]

Fixing of Moisture and Thermally Sensitive Natural Stone [TB010]  download

Tile Adhesives over Protecta Wrap Anti Fracture Membrane [TB047]

Application Issues with Abapoxy [TB048]  download

Installation of Self Supporting Sand/Cement Screeds for the Installation of Ceramic Tiling [TB057]

Concrete Surface Preparation for Flooring, Membranes & Adhesives [TB058]  download

Bonding of “Quarella” Reconstituted Tiles [TB070]

Waterproofing & Tiling External Compressed Fibre Cement Sheeted Balconies [TB071]  download

Application of Butynol & Direct Bonding of Tiles [TB077]  download

Bonding Ceramic Tiles to Wet Seal Waterproofing Membrane Systems

Bonding Ceramic Tiles to Wet Seal Waterproofing Membrane Systems [TB087A] 

Differential Movement and Tile Finishes [TB099]

Tiling Adhesives for use Adjacent to Fireplaces [TB111]  download

Issues with Application of Ardex Products over Pebblecrete [TB112]

Tiling over Polyester- Fibreglass & other Polymer Surfaces [TB114]  download

Application of Ceramic Tiles over Vinyl & Cork floors [TB115]  download

Application of Tiles over Pre-existing Tiles [TB117]  download

Tiling over previously Painted Surfaces [TB118]  download

Why Premixed Adhesives are not recommended over Waterproofing Membranes [TB120]  download

Building up Levels, Creating Falls or Smoothing Surfaces prior to Tiling [TB121]

Laying Porcelain Tiles [TB129]  download

Sources of Grout Discolouration Real and Perceived [TB130]  download

Application of Ardex Optima & X56 to Metal Surfaces for Tiling [TB133]  download

Application of Ceramic Tiles to Stair Treads & Landing Treads – Timber and Metal [TB136]  download

Water Chemistry for Cement Based Adhesives & Grouts in Tiled Swimming Pools [TB143]

Installation of Ardex DS40 Sound Reduction Matting in Internal Installations [TB147]  download

Mechanical fixing of Stack Stone Cladding Tiles to Wall Substrates [TB148]  download

Building Code of Australia [TB153]

Tiling to AAC (Hebel) Concrete Substrates [TB154]

Issues with Resin Backed Tiles [TB161]

Ceramic Tiling with Optima, Isoflex and X56 on Particleboard / Plywood Sheet Timber Flooring [TB168]  download

AS4992 Tile Adhesive Classification System [TB169]

Bonding of “Alfresco Pavers” & “Veneto Honed Tiles”. [TB171]

Tiling with Underfloor Heating Systems [TB176]  download

Solvent Grout Sealers and Rubberised Tile Adhesives [TB179]

Treatment and Tiling over Existing Tiles of Swimming Pool Internals [TB181]

Bonding Ceramic Tiles to Wetseal Enviro-Coat DSMR 408 and Enviro-Coat ISMR 508 Waterproofing Membrane Systems [TB184]

Wet Bedding of Dense Pavers with Abacrete Mortar [TB185]

Cleaning / Maintenance of Ardex Abapoxy Grout surfaces [TB186]

Cement Render or Screed Application over Wetseal Topcoat 300 [TB191]

Fixing of Decor8 Bamboo Mosaic Tiles [TB196]

Pool Coping and Water Line Tiling – Fibreglass and Concrete Swimming Pools [TB198]  download

Vitreous Porcelain Tiles [TB201]  download

Epoxy Priming & Rising Damp or Construction Moisture Suppression System using WPM300 for Ceramic Tile Installations [TB216]

Ceramic Tiling Fibre-Cement Sheeted Timber Flooring [TB218]  download

Application of Ceramic Tiles onto Dincel Corefilled Plastic Blockwork [TB219] download

Checklist of Fibre-Cement Sheets and their Intended Usages [TB220] 

An Opinion Concerning the Use of Sealers and Ardex Adhesives and the Difference between Sealers and Waterproofing Materials [TB222]  download

Quick Checks for Natural Stone Tiles - Dead Loads and Environmental Stability [TB223]

Thin and Large Porcelain Tiles [TB224] download

Effects of Alkaline Containing Materials on Glass Mesh Back Tiles [TB228] download

Tile Finishes - Flood Water Immersion [TB229] download

Concrete Block Walls - Tile Finishes [TB230] download

Application of Tiling Materials and Waterproof Membranes to Resin Matrix Shower Bases [TB238] download

ARDEX STB Tape and WPM 002 Membrane [TB239] download


Waterproofing Systems

Hydrostatic Pressure Testing of WPM256/WPM300 Membrane System [TB004]

STS8 White – Underwater Repairs to Tiling [TB042]

Installation of Bitumen Sheet Membrane over Foam Insulation. Reverse IRMA roof membrane [TB060]

Waterproofing Rail & Bridge Structures against Spalling [TB072]

Misconceptions about Membrane Flexibilities [TB073]  download

Cement Render or Screed Application over Ardex WPM300 Waterproofing [TB075]

Waterproofing Systems for Straw Bale Construction Dwellings [TB076]

Waterproofing of Concrete Swimming Pool Internals with Ardex WPM002 [TB088]  download

Waterproofing Potable Water Tanks with WPM300 [TB098]

Maintenance of Surfaces Sealed with WPM163 [TB103]

Not all Waterproofing Membranes are made the same [TB113]  download

Waterproofing of Internal Water Resistant Particleboards and Plywood [TB119]  download

Application of Membranes over Existing Tiles in Internal Wet Areas [TB122]  download

Preparation for Compressed Fibre Cement Sheet [TB12]

Tiling over Chevaline Dexx Membrane System [TB126]

Installation of Bitumen Screed for Bitumen Membranes [TB127]

Reinstatement of Concrete Piers [TB128]

How to Reconstruct, Waterproof & Tile a Shower Recess [TB132]  download

Encasement of Asbestos Cement Sheets [TB137]

Sealing Grease and Oil Contaminated Concrete Surfaces [TB139]

Application of Smoothing Cements or Screeds over Wet Seal Polyester- Fibreglass Epoxy Top Coat Waterproofing System [TB141]

Maintenance Recommendations for Ardex 185 Mineral Finish [TB149]

Method statement for WPM256/WPM300 in Below Grade Installations [TB155]

Ardex Smoothing Cements, Repair Mortars & Bulk Fills suitable for use with Ardex External Membranes [TB156]

Facade Restoration [TB189]

Maintenance Recommendations for Liquid Applied Membranes [TB208]

Maintenance Procedures for Butynol Membranes [TB213]

Tiling and Waterproofing over James Hardie Scyon Secura Flooring Sheets [TB215] download

James Hardie Scyon Secura Installation Overview [TB215A]  download

Guide for Reinstatement Procedures for ARDEX Undertile Membranes [TB225] download

 ARDEX Construction Detail Bandage [TB226]

Bonding Ceramic Tiles to Wet Seal Enviro-Coat DS 411 & Enviro-Coat IS511 Waterproofing Membrane Systems [TB227] download


Flooring Systems

Moisture Barrier System [TB006]  download

Preparation of Walls & Floors in Wet Areas of Health Care Facilities to Receive Sheet Vinyl Coverings. ARDEX FLC & Membranes [TB012D]  download

Levelling over Internal Dry Timber Surfaces or Underlay Sheets using K15, Arditex NA & Feather Finish [TB015]  download

Mesh Reinforced K15 over Tongue & Groove Wooden Subfloors [TB016] download

Levelling over Ceramic Tiles & Terrazzo using Ardex K15, A55, K12, K10, Arditex NA & Feather Finish [TB017]  download

K80, K10 or K301 – Light Weight Bulk Fill [TB018]

Ardex Self Levelling Cements Extreme Weather Precautions [TB022A]  download

Creating Dead Level Floors with Ardex Floor Smoothing cements [TB025]

Ardex K15 for Static Control Sheet Vinyl Flooring Installation [TB026]

Ardex K15, K10 or A55 for High Stress Applications including Castor Wheels and Heavy Rolling Loads, Rubber Matting Floors & Floors subject to Vibrations [TB028]

Ardex Floor Levelling Cements over Heated Substrates. K15, K80, K11, K12, A55 & Arditex NA [TB029]  download

Ardex K15, K12 & Arditex NA over Internal Compressed Fibre Cement Sheet [TB030]

Levelling Floors for the Installation of Parquetry Wooden Blockwork & Direct Stick Timber Flooring [TB036]  download

Old Adhesives – Know the Risk of Levelling or Tiling over [TB037]  download

Sub Floor Preparation- The Key to Successful Flooring Installations [TB039]

Sub Floor Preparation- Sources of Moisture & Damp Slab problems [TB040]  download

Proper Sub Floor Preparation for Ardex Floor Levellers [TB041]  download

Movement and Control Joints in Concrete & Toppings [TB050]  download

Installation of Strip Timber and Parquetry Flooring over Moisture Barrier Prepared Concrete [TB053]

Overlaying Magnesite Flooring [TB078]  download

Installation of New Sheet Vinyl over Existing Resilient Sheet or Tile Coverings [TB080]

Drying Times of New Concrete Slabs prior to Laying Vinyl Flooring [TB081]

Silicate based Concrete Waterproofing Treatments & Ardex Flooring Products [TB082]

Water effects on Ardex Ardurapid Products [TB084]

Ardex K15, K80 or K301 Levelling of Cool Room Floors to Receive Sheet Vinyl Coverings or Epoxy Coatings [TB086]  download

Effects of Ambient Conditions on the Performance of Ardex Products [TB097]  download

Arditex, K15 & K10 Underlayments over Steel or Aluminium Decking and Nautical Vessels [TB100]  download

Deep Filling & Ramping of Sub Floors [TB102]  download

Mixing and General Application Principles for Laying Floor Smoothing Cements [TB104]  download

Application of Ardex K15, K12, K11or Arditex NASelf Smoothing Cement over Lightweight Autoclave Concrete [TB105]  download

Guidelines for Estimating Quantities of Ardex Flooring Products [TB107]  download

Levelling over Existing Epoxy Coatings with Ardex K15, K10, K12 or A55 [TB108]  download

Applying Ardex Rapid Cure Products in Hot Weather [TB109]

Application of Ardex Floor Smoothing Cements with Tiling Installations [TB110]

Common Practices Producing Floor Problems when Installing Floor Smoothing Cements [TB131]

The Issues with using Ardex K15 and Other Underlayment Type Smoothing Cements as a Wearing Surface ‘Feature Floor’ [TB135]

Ardex Underlayments – Levelling of Floors for the Installation of High Build Epoxy, Polyurethane and Paint Coatings [TB140]  download

Applications for Ardex E25 & Abalastic with Ardex Smoothing Cements [TB151]

Ardex Smoothing Cements- Reading Product Codes [TB157]

Issues with Sand-Cement Screeds as Substrates for Non-Ceramic Tile Flooring Systems [TB159]  download

Use of Ardex Smoothing Cements as Wear Surface Floors over Heated Subfloors [TB160]

Issues with Asbestos containing Substrates [TB162]

Incontinence Barriers for Concrete Floors in Health Care Institutions [TB164]  download

Smoothing Concrete Pool Surrounds for Installation of Safety Matting [TB167]

Epoxy Priming Systems for Ardex K80, Ardex K301 and Ardex K1, K1 ‘Floorplus’ or K2 Pandomo Systems [TB170]

Green Slab Concrete, Construction Moisture Suppression System using Ardex WPM300 [TB172]

Rain Affected Surfaces [TB173]

Preparation of Walls & Floors in Wet Areas of Health Care Facilities to receive Sheet Vinyl Coverings using Ardex FLC, Waterproof Membranes and Adhesives [TB178]  download

Applications of Smoothing Cements as Hard – Usage Wear Surfaces [TB187] 

Smoothing Cement - Moisture Barrier System [TB192]  download

Application for Arditex & Feather Finish over Internal Dry Timber Surfaces in Rail Carriages, Motor Omnibuses & Building Elevators [TB194]

Smoothing Cements over Flexible Waterproof Membranes & Similar Flexible Materials [TB199]  download

Application of Ardex Arditex NA over Old Adhesive Residues [TB200]  download

Creating Ramps on External Subfloors with Ardex Floor Leveling Cements [TB204]

Preparation of Seismic Damaged Concrete Floors for Installation of Underlayments and Floor Coverings [TB206]

Preparation of Seismic Damaged Concrete Floors prior to Installation of Underlayments with Dulux Floor Coatings [TB209]

Use of Densifiers with Smoothing Cement Wear and Feature Floors [TB210]

Preparation of Subfloors in Shielded Medical Imaging Rooms [TB211]

Ardex Moisture Barrier System used with Patch Mortar [TB212]

Silica Sol Concrete Waterproofing Treatments & Ardex Flooring Products [TB214]

Smoothing Tongue & Groove Fibre-Cement Internal Flooring Sheets for Resilient, Textile and Timber Floor Coverings [TB240] download


Technical Papers

Issues with Fixing Schistose Stacked Stone Tiles [TP001]

Issues with Determination of Adhesive Bed Coverage Stack Stone Glue and Mosaic Mesh Adhesive [TP002]

Properties of Fibre Cement Sheeting as a Substrate for Tiling [TP004]

Stability problems with Natural Stone Tiles [TP005]

Reactive Silica Based Waterproofing Effects on Ardex Systems [TP006]

Understanding Product Performance Data Units [TB233] download

Alkalinity and Moisture in Concrete Subfloors [TP007] download