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Read: ARDEX’s TPO System Withstands NZ’s Tough Weather Conditions


With proven performance in large international and New Zealand based projects, specifiers can be confident that the ARDEX WPM615 TPO is a high-performance system that will last in New Zealand’s ever-changing environment.

Now with CodeMark certification (AQ-040516-CMNZ), designers can feel even more confident specifying ARDEX WPM 615 TPO. Developed by Firestone, with over 20 years of experience with TPO, ARDEX’s WPM 615 TPO system is New Zealand’s only system matching global roofing standards — including the International Building Code. This includes the use of base tie-ins (perimeter attachments), which are a critical component in counteracting the natural shrinkage of Thermoplastic PolyOlefin (TPO) membranes that occurs over time, even with polyester reinforcement.

ARDEX TPO is the perfect solution for large, low slope, residential and commercial projects, as it creates a lightweight membrane, offering a variety of installation methods.

ARDEX WPM 615 TPO also complies with the EN1297 test for UV ageing, withstanding a minimum of 7500 hours of harsh UV exposure. This makes ARDEX TPO ideal for New Zealand’s strong UV conditions. This product is free from plasticisers and chlorinated ingredients and produces no toxic emissions when welded, which means it can be used for the collection of potable water:

  • BRANZ appraised No. 728
  • CodeMark No. AQ-040516-CMNZ
  • E2/AS1 alternate solution
  • Eco-friendly membrane — heat-reflective and energy-efficient roof membrane

ARDEX’s installation method is recommended by multiple International bodies including:

  • SPRA (Single Ply Roofing Association UK)
  • NRCA (National Roofing Contractors Association USA)
  • FM standard for single ply