AutoCAD Files

ARDEX is committed to providing efficient and effective means of specifier support. Below can be found various drawing details (.dwg, .gsm, .rtf) for download which make your specifications much easier.

If you are in need of other files, please contact ARDEX Technical Services (0800 2 ARDEX), or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Overview of ARDEX Butynol Drawings Download PDF


Detail Number Detail Description .dwg .gsm .rvt
ab-001 Butynol Flashing - Concrete download    download
ab-002 Butynol Gutter - Parapet download  download
ab-003 Butynol Internal Gutter download  download
ab-004 Butynol Batten Profile download  download
ab-005 Butynol Internal Corners download  download
ab-006 Butynol Taping Substrate download    download
ab-007 Butynol One-Way Substrate Ventilator download    download
ab-008 Butynol Finishing Gutter download    download
ab-009 Butynol Penetration download    download
ab-010 Butynol Scupper Outlet download    
ab-011 Butynol Internal Roof Drain download    download
ab-012 Butynol Ballasted Garden Roof download    download
ab-013 Butynol Ballasted Scupper Roof download    download
ab-014 Butynol Scupper Outlet & Gravel Retainer download    download
ab-015 Butynol Rainhead download download download
ab-016 Butynol Overflow download    
ab-017 Butynol Gutters & Outlets download download download
ab-018 Butynol Central Gutter download download download
ab-019 Butynol Eave & Verges download    download
ab-020 Butynol Junction Walls - Direct Fix download    
ab-021 Butynol Junction Walls - Cavity download    
ab-022 Butynol Junction Walls - Opening Direct Fix download  
ab-023 Butynol Junction Walls - Opening Cavity download  
ab-024 Butynol Corrugate Pitch Change Junction download  
but-01 Extent of Treatment of Wet Areas download    
but-02 Typical Shower Construction download    
but-03 Enclosed Shower download    


Overview of ARDEX TPO Drawings Download PDF


Detail Number Detail Description .dwg .gsm .rvt
t-bt-1 Base Tie-In with Plates Fastened to Deck download    
t-bt-2 Base Tie-In with Plates Fastened to Vertical Surface download    
t-bt-3 Base Tie-In with TPO Coated Metal download    
t-bt-4 Base Tie-In with TPO Coated Metal (with Brake) download    
t-bt-8 Base Tie-In at Upstand with Existing Fillet download    
t-d-1 Field Fabricated Roof Drain download    
t-d-2 TPO Coated Drain download    
t-d-3 Drain with Clamping Ring download    
t-d-4 TPO Pre-Molded Scupper download    
t-e-1 Flat Expansion Joint with Welded Splice download    
t-e-2 Raised Expansion Joint download    
t-e-3 Raised Expansion Joint with Metal Joint Cover download    
t-e-4 Wall Expansion Joint download    
t-ls-1 Lap Splice Using Automatic Welder download    
t-ls-2 Lap Splice Using Hand Welder download    
t-p-1 Penetration with ARDEX TPO Large Pipe Flashing download    
t-p-2 Penetration with ARDEX TPO Universal Pipe Flashing download    
t-p-3 Penetration with ARDEX TPO TPO (Unsupported) download    
t-p-4 Hot Pipe Penetration with ARDEX TPO Flashing download    
t-p-5 Penetration with TPO Penetration Pocket Kit download    
t-re-1 Roof Edge Gutter with TPO Coated Metal download    
t-re-2 Roof Edge with TPO Coated Metal download    
t-re-3 Roof Edge using TPO Quickseam Flashing download    
t-re-4 Roof Edge with Edge Profile download    
t-re-5 Roof Edge Splice with TPO Coated Metal download    
t-re-6 Alternative Roof Edge with Edge Profile download    
t-t-1 Termination with ARDEX Pressure Seal download    
t-t-2 Termination with Termination Bar on Outside of Parapet Wall download    
t-t-3 Termination with Coping Stone download    
t-t-4 Termination with Metal Coping download    
t-t-5 Termination with Counterflashing download    
t-t-6 Termination with Pressure Seal Elevation Change download    
t-t-7 Pressure Seal at Joint in Precast Concrete Panel download    
t-t-8 Pressure Seal at Wall Expansion Joint download    
t-t-9 Monotrim Profile Flashing Termination download    
t-t-10 Intermediate Attachment at Wall Flashing download    


Overview of ARDEX Bituminous Drawings Download PDF


Detail Number Detail Description .dwg .gsm .rvt
bit-01 Construction Joint download    
bit-02 Expansion Joint download    
bit-03 Alternative Expansion Joint download    
bit-04 Capping Detail download    
bit-05 Pressure Seal Capping Detail download    
bit-06 Two Methods for Finishing over a Gutter download    
bit-07 Typical Outlet Detail download    
bit-08 Skylight Flashing download    
bit-09 Roof Edge - Mechanically Fixed download    
bit-10 Scupper Outlet download    
bit-11 Scupper Outlet download    
bit-12 Outside Corner download    
bit-13 Pipe Flashing download    
bit-14 One-Way Vent Installation download    
bit-15 Tanking of Lift Pit Below Water Table download    
bit-16 Below-Ground Detail download    
bit-17 Eave and Verges in Shelterbit download    


Below Ground DPM & Tanking Membranes

Shelterseal DPM 

Overview of ARDEX Shelterseal Drawings Download PDF

Detail Number Detail Description .dwg
SS01A Footing Junction download
SS02 External Corner download
SS04 Control Joint  download
SS05 Chase Flashing Termination  download
SS06 Pressure Bar Termination download
SS08 Tanked Wall Roof & Deck Junction download
SS03 Internal Corner download

Shelterbit Torch on Tanking

Detail Number Detail Description .dwg
TM01A Footing Junction download
TM02 External Corner download
TM04 Control Joint  download
TM05 Chase Flashing Termination  download
TM06 Pressure Bar Termination download
TM08 Tanked Wall Roof & Deck Junction download
TM03 Internal Corner download







Detail Number Detail Description .dwg .gsm .rvt
al-101 WPM 001 - Crack Treatments download    
al-102 WPM 001 - Movement Joints download    
al-103 WPM 001 - Waste Outlet download    
al-104 WPM 001 - Balcony Penetration download    



Detail Number Detail Description .dwg .gsm .rvt
al-201 WPM 002 - Crack Treatments download    
al-202 WPM 002 - Movement Joints download    
al-203 WPM 002 - Waste Outlet download    


Butynol, Torch-Applied & EPDM Membrane Accessories

Product Number Product Description .dwg .rvt
10802 Square Rainhead download download
10803 External Rainhead download download
10804 Rainhead (100 - 150mm downpipe) download download
10805 Rainhead (restricted height) download download
10806 Rainhead (150 - 200mm downpipe) download download
11195 Lo-Rise Roof Vent download download
19837 Stainless Steel Leafguard Drain download download
22090 Stainless Steel Drain download download
23321 Scupper Overflow download download
24143 Clamped Outlet - 150mm download download

Undertile Membrane Accessories

Product Number Product Description .dwg .rvt
12676 Membrane Clamp Waste Unit download download
13004 Fastflow Clamp Waste Unit download download