ARDEX Warranty

ARDEX Warranty

  • ARDEX offers product specific warranties for certain ARDEX products, as well as System ARDEX Warranties and Extended Warranties in certain situations.

ARDEX Warranty

The value of a manufacturer’s product warranty or guarantee varies enormously and its value cannot be judged by the period it is valid for, but by what it covers during the period.

Types of Warranties: 

ARDEX have three different warranty types: Material Warranties, System ARDEX warranties and Extended Warranties. Please continue reading below to understand what type of warranty you are after, and the methods to obtain them.

ARDEX also provides applicators with a template to complete a workmanship warranty which can be accessed through the online warranty portal. Please note that ARDEX do not supply PS3 forms, these documents can be downloaded from your local territorial authority.


Apply for an ARDEX Material Warranty

ARDEX New Zealand has a digital warranty system which allows installers to apply for and receive back their warranties in much less time than previously. To apply for a warranty on an ARDEX product you need to be an ARDEX Installer who has been trained by ARDEX with the appropriate current training and you will also need to register your company with ARDEX. Please email if you do not have your Company Link and this will be emailed to you within 5 working days.

If you require further information, please contact 0800 227 339.


The ARDEX Warranty Policy

  • Warranties will be processed and emailed back to your email address.
  • Warranties can only be processed online within 24 months of the installation date.
  • Any warranty applications for product laid after 24 months will be declined
  • Warranties can only be processed for ARDEX trained Installers who have a current Training Certificate for the product they need a warranty for.
  • ARDEX Training now expires after two years. After this period, refresher training will need to be undertaken to update their training.
  • Warranty requests can still be processed if sent by email, however, will take 5 working days to complete.
  • If the warranty application is missing information it will be declined. The warranty application will need to be re-submitted once the correct information has been provided.

Please check that your training is current for the products that you require ARDEX Warranties for. This can be done by scanning the QR code on the reverse of your ARDEX Installer card.


System ARDEX Warranty

The System ARDEX Warranty is project specific and warrants that the System ARDEX combination of products that forms the total system are free from defects, are 100% compatible and the system combination is suitable for the purpose intended. The period warranted will be project specific. A System ARDEX Warranty may be issued if the following requirements are met:

  • The project is registered with ARDEX from the early planning stages;
  • The total area of ARDEX products used is greater than 200m2;
  • ARDEX are involved in creating the products specification for the project;
  • Installers and applicators of ARDEX products have been specifically approved by ARDEX as suitable to undertake this work; and
  • ARDEX are able to complete site inspections before, during and after installation of ARDEX products.

To discuss if your project meets these requirements, please contact your local ARDEX representative.


Extended Warranty

For an extended warranty or one that includes an installation of non-standard product combinations (e.g. product combinations that are not detailed in our published data sheets), you need to contact your local ARDEX technical sales representative prior to installation for our best recommendations.


If you would like to book a training course please visit the ARDEX Training Academy Page which features all of our upcoming training courses.