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Sustainability is a business principle at ARDEX where we focus on creating products of premium quality and functional performance, coupled with exceptional reliability and durability. In addition, sustainability is one of the cornerstones of our corporate philosophy. We demonstrate our commitment to the pillars of sustainability – environment, economic and social, in both our daily work, as well as our long-term goals.

Increasing the number of products made in New Zealand

We see our latest investments in production facilities and ‘localisation’ of product manufacturing strengthens local supplier businesses in our market, safeguard jobs wherever we sell our products, boost the region’s economy and at the same time eases the load on the environment thanks to shorter transport distances.

Ensuring valuable resources are used sparingly

We have a responsibility to ensure that valuable resources are used sparingly; our ARDEX Training Academy works with the industry and is committed to the continuous improvement of skills and techniques to improve the efficiency of install, minimise wastage and maximise the performance of installed products.

Using energy efficiently

From replacing fossil fuelled forklifts with electric versions, to revising lighting to energy efficient options and managing energy use in production facilities, ARDEX is committed to using energy efficiently throughout the business.

Innovative product solutions support sustainable construction

Repairing and restoring existing construction is often a more sustainable option than deconstruction which can generate waste. ARDEX products that are designed for renovating existing buildings help reduce the strain on the environment and once installed, the long life of ARDEX product reduces the need for refurbishment and helps save resources.

Minimising waste is a primary objective

We will reduce, re-use, and recycle waste where possible. The current focus is on plastic packaging and ARDEX has an ultimate global goal of eliminating waste, with waste to landfill being a final resort.

Taking a wider system perspective

ARDEX in New Zealand recognises they are part of a wider economic and social system and have recently embarked on a significant piece of research to understand our stake holder perspectives on sustainability. Researching suppliers, customers, and employees, amongst others, will help inform future ARDEX actions in sustainability.

As a family company, we see our employees as the foundation of our business, and actively seek to build relationships and collaboration with our market partners for a lasting, mutual benefit.

Reducing carbon emissions

We are proud to have achieved carbonreduce certification from Toitū Envirocare for our efforts in measuring and reducing our carbon footprint. Our progress is measured by an annual audit of gross emissions by Toitū to help ensure we are doing our part in reducing climate change contribution.