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Bellus Apartments, Auckland

An Effective Waterproofing Solution for Moisture Affected Substrates

Bellus Apartments, Auckland

Installer: Ashphaltec
Builder: Kalmar
Architects: Warren & Mahoney

For the construction of the Bellus Apartments building in Stonefields, Auckland, ARDEX New Zealand worked closely with architects Warren & Mahoney, builder Kalmar, and installer Ashphaltec on resolving waterproofing issues for the 3,000m² rooftop.

Due to timing and a damp substrate, a special two-layer torch-applied system using ARDEX WPM 114 Vented Base Sheet and ARDEX WPM 189 Duo capping sheet was selected to roof the apartments. ARDEX WPM 114 allows coverage over substrates that may potentially have moisture issues — in this case, a substrate that had been left for a while, allowing water to gather in various cavities of the roof structure.

ARDEX WPM 114 has special venting properties that allow moisture to vent through channels in the membrane. The moisture will eventually make its way to an opening, such as a parapet or an ARDEX Low Rise Roof Vent, without the need for holes in the venting layer. The result for the roof of the Bellus Apartments was extremely effective.

The ARDEX WPM 114 waterproofing membrane allows greater application flexibility than many comparable products on the market. With a wide range of innovative and highly effective waterproofing solutions, an ability to work on large construction projects and incomparable expertise, it’s no surprise that ARDEX is a preferred partner for construction projects throughout New Zealand.