Heat Welded Membrane Roof Offers Trusted Durability


ARDEX Weldtec Roofing System provided the UV stability and thermal performance needed for this new home in Omaha.


Located in the beachside town of Omaha, this 400m2 home was designed with durability and low maintenance in mind. For the roofing, the ARDEX Weldtec Roofing System was specified to ensure trusted weathertightness and high performance in the coastal location.


The architectural designer wanted a flexible, heat weldable membrane roof that would provide a high level of UV stability and would handle the thermal movement expected in timber framed buildings. In addition, the membrane would need to be suitable for use in the home’s beachside environment.


The ARDEX Weldtec Roofing System, which was designed in New Zealand for New Zealand conditions, met this brief and was specified for the home’s extensive roof. The ARDEX Weldtec Roofing System features ARDEX WPM 715 — a BRANZ appraised heat welded waterproofing membrane designed for use in exposed areas. The membrane offers excellent resistance to aging from heat, UV and atmospheric agents, and displays flexibility at all temperatures, making it ideal for the coastal property.


The ARDEX Weldtec 715 membrane was specified as a fully adhered complete roofing system using the Ardex range of adhesives and accessories. The roof was installed by experienced ARDEX approved installers, Mohan Waterproofing Services, who found installation straightforward with the welded join membrane and simple detailing making it easy to install the roof to a very high standard.


In addition to speeding up installation, the heat-welded installation of the Ardex Weldtec 715 system brings the added security of a strong, continuous membrane with welded laps and seams. And once installed, the membrane is warranted for domestic foot traffic, making home maintenance access easy, and also providing the option to use it on exposed decks.


Another key factor in the decision to use an ARDEX membrane was the market-leading warranty cover offered by ARDEX. ARDEX reflect the confidence they have in their system by offering a warranty that provides for complete system replacement — a massive shift over standard market warranties, and another reason why ARDEX leads the way in membrane roofing. Combine this with ARDEX’s history of over 50 years in New Zealand, and homeowners are given real peace of mind security.


Now finished, the roof of this Omaha home will look good and perform for many years to come, with the excellent weathertightness, UV resistance and temperature flexibility of the ARDEX Weldtec 715 membrane providing year-round high performance.