ARDEX tile adhesives, soundproofing requirements, grouts and floor leveling were used in this residential tower

Q1 Surfers Paradise, Brisbane

The ARDEX range of technologically advanced and integrated products were specified for this project

Q1 Surfers Paradise, Brisbane

Developed by the Sunland Group, the tower boasts 526 ultra smart apartments. The Q1 project required a Comprehensive range of technologically advanced and integrated products.

ARDEX was selected as exclusive suppliers of all Q1’s tile adhesives, soundproofing requirements, and grouts to be installed by Klaus Tiling. For critical high traffic areas requiring a heavy duty leveling product ARDEX K 15 was used.

One of the major tiling hurdles was the potential lipping of the 600 x 600mm, 20mm thick limestone floor tiles with conventional flexible adhesives. (Lipping or uneven tile heights is aesthetically unappealing and a trip hazard). The rheology of ARDEX X 56 – a new generation, highly flexible adhesive – overcame problems with ‘lipping’. Used over the company’s Soundproof Underlay, it also helps improve impact sound resistance. For areas requiring an adhesive with high tensile strength (and superior non slump), ARDEX STS 8 was used.

Grouts and silicones colour matched to blend in with the tiles provided the final touches. Walls and floors were grouted with Flexgrout Ultrasmooth. For tile joints subject to the stresses of differential movement, ARDEX SE silicone provided a waterproof, permanently elastic, UV and mould-resistant seal.

ARDEX K 15 – a globally recognised leader in floor levelling product category – was specified for critical areas e.g. foyers, lift lobbies. With its unique Ardurapid effect, ARDEX K 15 allows impervious vinyl coverings to be laid after only 16 hours, regardless of bed thickness.

The comprehensive and integrated nature of the ARDEX portfolio of products, plus the company’s wealth of locally-based technical expertise, has been acknowledged as a factor in the successful, on-time completion of the world’s tallest residential tower.