Innovative Warm Roof Over Inverted Tray for Pāpāmoa Surf Rescue Base


The new Pāpāmoa Surf Rescue Base is a timely addition for the Pāpāmoa Surf Life Saving Club, which following population growth now services almost 30,000 people in the community. With such generous support through community fundraising and donations from local businesses, Jigsaw Architects looked to specify durable, high-performance materials which would serve the club for many years to come, while also being sensitive to budget constraints.

Initially a timber framed roof with a torch-applied bitumen roof was considered, but following discussion with the ARDEX team a more innovative approach was considered. Instead of using ply substrate, an inverted tray deck from Dimond Roofing was specified along with ARDEX’s Firestone UltraPly TPO membrane system. Firestone UltraPly TPO is heat reflective and resistant to shrinkage and cracking from UV radiation and ozone exposure, making it a smart choice for the beachfront build.

The inverted tray deck warm roof solution was the perfect choice for the surf club, providing the higher thermal performance that a warm roof offers at a lower overall build cost due to the substrate dramatically reducing framing requirements — from 400mm spans to 4m spans.

“The ability to move from a plywood framed roof system to a large span tray warm roof system while reducing the overall build cost forecast was a huge benefit for the design team who were facing budget constraints,” says Steve Miles, ARDEX Specification Manager.

ARDEX worked closely with Jigsaw Architects and Project Lead Jason Benton to ensure accurate detailing of the roof, and provided support on site for installers Arid Technologies. Arid Technologies are ARDEX trained installers and the quality of workmanship they provide is to a very high standard.

The longevity and reliability of the inverted tray warm roof is backed by a 20-year system warranty which covers right from the inverted metal tray deck to the TPO membrane and everything in between.

Project credits:
Architects: Jigsaw Architects
Contractor: Naylor Love
Membrane installer: Arid Technologies