SystemARDEX specified for a luxurious, high-end hotel complex

SO/Auckland Hotel

ARDEX torch-applied membrane, wet area waterproofing, and tiling systems selected for chic new Auckland Hotel

SO/Auckland Hotel

Developer: CP Group
Installer: Advanced Tiling and Waterproofing Limited

The latest structure to enter Auckland’s accommodation scene is the fabulously upmarket hotel called ‘SO/Auckland‘.  Located in the heart of downtown Auckland, the SO/Auckland brings to light a bold and contemporary art-based style, influenced by the unique ethos of the famous WORLD brand designer, Benny Castles. This chic hotel has it all. Sophisticated roof-top bar, relaxing spa complex, stunning indoor pool and a masterful restaurant overseen by Michelin-starred chef Marc De Passorio.

ARDEX was the supplier of choice for:

Similar to all large projects, it is vastly difficult to ensure all plans are executed without error.  This particular accommodation complex was no different, and many of the hotel floors were bowed in a convex curve.  ARDEX was able to resolve the builder’s situation by offering our engineered ARDEX A 38 screed to remedy the variance between the middle of the slab to the edges.  ARDEX A 38 was selected for its rapid setting and high-performance abilities and demonstrated its hero qualities when repairing over 50mm in variance!

It’s no doubt that SO/Auckland has upmarket style, however due to the intricate eye-catching designs it can be a nightmare for applicators to perform the correct product detailing.  Working closely with installers from Advanced Tiling and Waterproofing, ARDEX was able to generate customised detailing plans for the application of ARDEX WPM 002 and the installation of complex bathroom taps.  These customised detail plans were fully compatible with our system ARDEX warranties – minimising risk for all parties and assisted in the building process.

With over 10 ARDEX products being thoroughly used throughout the 15-storey masterpiece, the SO/Auckland is a fantastic example of the exquisite premium quality that only ARDEX can supply.  If you haven’t already, book a night’s stay and experience for yourself what makes the SO/Auckland – SO good.