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ARDEX Specifed For High End Remedial Project

Air New Zealand Head Office

ARDEX provides a solution for a trafficable, exposed, and tiled remedial area

Air New Zealand Head Office

Builder: Q Projects
Architect: Context Architects
Developer: Air New Zealand
Installer: Sansom

An award-winning company like Air New Zealand requires a high-end, efficient office complex to run all the behind the scenes work. The Air New Zealand Headquarters is a sizable 15,600m2, six-story building located in Auckland’s waterfront precinct. With the build being completed in 2005 it has since needed vast remedial repairs including waterproofing issues on the ground level. Due to the offices being built on reclaimed land and being several story’s deep the project requires quality products and quality installation.

This was the second attempt at remediating the tiled outdoor podium area which was leaking through onto the underground car-parking below. ARDEX was specified for the remedial work after working closely with the specifier to provide a comprehensive and unique product system tailored to the specific requirements of the project. With over 10 ARDEX products used throughout the project, ARDEX can ensure the durability and high quality of the new waterproofing system.

ARDEX WPM 114 vented base sheet was specified atop of the ARDEX A 38 rapid set cement screed across the outdoor areas. ARDEX WPM 114 allows any residual moisture from the leak to dissipate out, and not cause any detriment to the membrane system; reducing any requirement for additional moisture barriers. ARDEX A 38 allowed for a quick curing time to minimize the wait on the important walkway and has great work-ability to ensure that rainfall can be channeled to outlets rather than being able to pool. ARDEX’s on-site technical support helped along the way offering solutions to difficult factors such as the high surface temperatures experienced in the peak of summer at 56 degrees Celsius on some surfaces.

In addition to the podium, the Air New Zealand entrance ramp needed to be remedied so that it could withstand high volumes of foot traffic in an exposed area. The ramp required a solution that allowed a tile finish but would be suitable for the gradient necessary. A floating tile system would not suffice, nor would attempting to adhere to a bituminous membrane. ARDEX provided the unique, New Zealand-made solution of the WeldTec membrane ARDEX WPM 1000. The membrane is lined with a fleece specifically designed for the direct adhesions of tiling systems internally or externally. As the original remedial work involved a floating tiling system, this membrane was the most sensible solution offering the security of adhered tiles on the incline and being fully compatible with ARDEX tiling systems.

Air New Zealand can now get back to focusing on flying planes and be confident that the installed ARDEX products will stand the test of time.