WeldTec® Undertile Sheet Waterproofing Membrane

Residential Application of ARDEX WPM 1000

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Residential Application of ARDEX WPM 1000

Best Skills Ltd are trade experts based in Auckland, specialising in waterproofing, tiling and flooring solutions. Recently Best Skills Ltd, who are ARDEX trained installers, installed various ARDEX products to transform the front porch of a stunning property in Remuera, Auckland.

To begin the project, ARDEX A 46, a slump-free external patching compound was used on the stairs and landing to prepare a nice smooth and finished surface. ARDEX RA 142 structural concrete crack injection was also used for its bonding and sealing capabilities. ARDEX WPM 300 water-based epoxy membrane was applied as a moisture barrier to help prevent rising damp and efflorescence. The porch then features ARDEX WeldTec® WPM 1000 as an undertile sheet waterproofing membrane for the landing, as well as ARDEX WPM 002 as an undertile liquid waterproofing membrane for the stairs. ARDEX X 18 fibre reinforced tile adhesive was used in both instances for extra strength and peace of mind. Finally, to complete the tiles high-performance epoxy grout ARDEX EG 15 was used.

The main objectives for the homeowners were to ensure that the porch was effectively waterproofed, as well as to reduce any efflorescence issues within the area. Using a range of ARDEX products Best Skills Ltd delivered a successful project.

ARDEX WeldTec® WPM 1000 is specifically designed to be used as an external waterproofing membrane for directly adhered tiled surfaces, or other non-exposed use. WPM1000 also acts as a decoupling membrane allowing it to act independently of the substrate should any movement occur reducing risk of cracked tiles/grout- particularly handy when the substrate is constructed with timber framing or in areas of vibration and thermal movement. ARDEX WPM 1000 also boasts excellent flexibility and durability, as well as strong resistance to tearing, cracking and bubbling, providing an excellent solution for the homeowner.

ARDEX WeldTec® membranes, including WPM 1000, are made locally in New Zealand. When installed by a trained ARDEX installer, ARDEX can provide a market-leading warranty, covering costs of repair, cost of reinstating the product or system, and costs of rectifying any material covering the product.